Sandro was born and raised in Pistoia, Italy, where he completed most of his studies, including high school, where his strong interest in science began. He graduated from medical school cum laude with a thesis on the genetics of memory at the University of Florence in 2009. Sandro then started neurology residency at the same University, graduating cum laude in 2015. He was trained in the stroke unit and was responsible for clinical assessment, neuroimaging and neuropsychological evaluation in a study on the risk factors of cognitive disorders in the elderly. More recently, Sandro spent one semester at the University of Geneve, Switzerland, where he dedicated himself to advanced computational neuroimaging, studying functional and structural connectivity measures in vascular cognitive impairment. Finally, Sandro spent six months in Albuquerque (NM) where he had the opportunity to become more familiar with molecular mechanisms of the white matter injuries, commonly seen in elderly patients. Cerebrovascular disease and aging brain are Sandro’s main interests to explore while in the Rosand Lab.